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Category Archives: Catastrophic Injuries

What Burden Does an SCI Put on Your Wallet?

A recent study found that an ancient Chinese medicinal practice improved motor function in rats with spinal cord injuries (SCIs), bringing new hope to patients suffering the same injury. When Ji-Sui-Kang (JSK), a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, was administered to injured rats, they showed decreased tissue damage, reduced inflammation and less cell death, in addition… Read More »

Common Defenses in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

A church bus recently crashed, killing three and injuring 19 passengers in Indianapolis. Most were teenagers on their way back from a Michigan camp, but the three who perished were the youth pastor, his 8-month-pregnant wife and a chaperone who was a mother of five. The bus driver said the brakes failed as he tried… Read More »

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

A woman recently published a book about her family’s journey from tragedy to recovery after her son suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). He was 16 years old at the time and accidentally drove off the road, flipping his vehicle. He was in the hospital for almost a month and in a coma most of… Read More »

Worker’s Amputation Results in 21 OSHA Violations, $137K in Penalties

A manufacturing worker in Missouri recently lost a finger repairing a machine at a Piramal Glass USA Inc. plant. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) determined that the cause of the accident was that the machine was not isolated from its energy source before the employee began repairs and proposed… Read More »

Garden-Fresh Foods Expands Recall of Products Because of Possible Listeria Contamination

Garden-Fresh Foods recently expanded its voluntary recall of certain ready-to-eat salads, dips and slaw that are sold through a variety of brands because they may contain a dangerous strand of Listeria monocytogenes that pose health risks to consumers. This organism has been linked to serious and possibly fatal infections for which children, the elderly and… Read More »

Man’s Leg Partially Amputated After Being Hit by Power Plant Demolition Shrapnel

A 44-year-old man was taken to the hospital recently after being hit by shrapnel from a planned power plant demolition in California. Spectators stood behind a barricade more than 1,000 feet away from the site as the Pacific Gas & Electric Co. power plant imploded, but five people were still hurt from the blast. While… Read More »

Woman Awarded $25 Million in Punitive Damages from Tobacco Company for Husband’s Death

A Florida state appeals court recently upheld the decision to award Dorothy Alexander $25 million in punitive damages and $8 million in compensatory damages for the death of her husband. She claimed that Lorillard Tobacco Co. showed reckless disregard for her husband’s safety by trying to discredit scientific research that revealed the harm of cigarettes… Read More »

Safety Precautions Especially Important for Motorcyclists to Prevent Serious Injury

A Minnesota woman was charged with vehicular homicide after colliding with a motorcycle recently, killing the passenger and injuring the driver. The 23-year-old SUV driver crossed the center lane and hit a Harley-Davidson. The 47-year-old motorcycle driver sustained severe injuries, and the 51-year-old passenger succumbed to her injuries after being taken to the hospital. It… Read More »

Chobani Recalls Moldy Greek Yogurt After Consumer Complaints and Illnesses

Chobani recently recalled some of its Greek yogurt products after receiving complaints from customers of mold and illnesses. These complaints reported incidents of fizzy or carbonated yogurt in bloated or swollen containers, and some people stated they became sick after eating the yogurt. Chobani’s CEO said that, although the mold is found frequently in dairy,… Read More »

Research Finds Coma Patients Respond Through Brainwaves

A recent study established “primitive communication” with two coma patients by measuring brain activity and response with functional magnetic resonance imaging. One patient had minimal consciousness, while the other was in a persistent vegetative state for 12 years after sustaining a head injury. Both were asked simple questions, and brain activity showed they could hear… Read More »